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06/ 2024: Enhanced competitiveness through the Capital Markets Union?

On 27 June 2024, the Jacques Delors Centre, in collaboration with the German Embassy in Paris, hosted the summer event of the Pariser Platz Dialogue series at Hôtel Beauharnais, the residence of the German Ambassador to France. The discussion focused on Enrico Letta’s report on the future of the single market.

The discussion, approached from a Franco-German and broader European perspective, underscored the urgency of completing the Capital Markets Union (CMU) to enhance Europe’s competitiveness and financial stability. Ambassador Stephan Steinlein highlighted the critical nature of these discussions for Europe’s economic future. The panel, including Enrico Letta, Heiko Thoms, Christian Noyer, Natacha Valla, and Fritzi Köhler-Geib, and moderated by Johannes Lindner, expressed optimism about the single market and CMU’s future, stressing the need for swift and decisive financial market integration.

There was a broad consensus among the panelists that incorporating a capital markets dimension is crucial for enhancing Europe’s competitiveness. This integration is seen as vital for driving economic growth, job creation, and overall financial stability within the EU.

The integration of capitals and financial markets was identified as a core agenda item for the next legislative period of the European Parliament. The panelists emphasized that this integration is the only viable path to ensuring a successful economic transition. They urged the new European Commission to prioritize the link between financial market integration and financing the transition.

Another key takeaway was the necessity of combining political leadership with technical expertise. The panelists highlighted the challenge of identifying where this leadership will emerge from and how it will align with the required technical work.

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