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The Pariser Platz Dialogue series is made up of several events per year, bringing together high-ranking German and French decision-makers for an exchange of ideas. In background talks, open and closed discussions, the participants discuss experiences and develop ideas on how Germany and France, along with their European partners, can meet challenges ahead such as attaining dynamic and sustainable economies, fostering a secure international environment, tackling climate change or advancing European integration. The dialogue series also offers many opportunities to connect and network with European decision-makers.

We bring together actors crucial to the future of discussed topics and finely tailor our events to create an atmosphere most opportune for constructive and productive discussions.

In 2023, we offer background talks in France and Germany, a democracy event on the 1848 revolutions, and will of course continue hosting our flagship event, the Pariser Platz Dialogue.

We encourage you to explore previous editions of our editions, be it the Pariser Platz Dialogue, Science Meets Politics, or the Franco-German Security Forum.


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Pariser Platz Dialogue

Participants: Anna Lührmann, Sylvie Goulard, François Delattre, Armand Zorn, Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, Christian Aulbach, Shahin Vallée, Ronja Kempin, Robin Wagener, Claire Thirriot-Kwant, Charles Sitzenstuhl, Frédéric Petit, Ole Funke, Garance Pineau, Brigitte Klinkert, Patrick Graichen, Lion Hirth, Jörg Kukies, Lucas Guttenberg, Stefan Bantle, Enrico Letta, Cornelia Woll, …

Public Event

France and Germany: Clearing a path for European answers

In this exclusive insight into the discussions of our Pariser Platz Dialogue, our expert panelists Johannes Lindner (Co-Director of the Jacques Delors Centre), Mehreen Khan (The Times), Leo Klimm (Der Spiegel) and Hélène Kohl (Independent journalist) offer their analysis on what they expect from France and Germany in the next steps to tackle Europe’s challenges.


Research Meets Politics

Participants: Reinhard Houben, Philippe Martin, Moritz Schularick, Cécile Boutelet, Franziska Brantner, Frédéric Petit, Sandra Weeser, Hélène Kohl, Cornelia Woll, Anna Lührmann, Nicoletta Pirozzi, Wolfgang Ischinger, Serap Güler, Marie Mendras, …

Public Event

How can the EU decouple from Russia’s oil and gas exports?

In the first panel of Research Meets Politics 2022, Reinhard Houben (Member of the Bundestag, Spokesperson for Economic Affairs, FDP), Philippe Martin (Professor, Sciences Po, Member of the Council for Economic Analysis), Moritz Schularick (Professor, Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelm University Bonn) discuss the Franco-German and European dimensions of the decoupling from Russian oil and gas exports in the wake of the war in Ukraine. The panel is moderated by Cécile Boutelet (Economics Correspondent in Germany, Le Monde) and includes an introduction from State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection Franziska Brantner.

After the elections – How can Germany and France achieve more EU sovereignty?

In the second panel of Research Meets Politics 2022, Frédéric Petit (Member of Parliament, Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Assemblée Nationale), Sandra Weeser (Member of the Bundestag, Member of the Franco-German Parliamentary Assembly), and Cornelia Woll (President of the Hertie School) discuss European sovereignty through a post-election Franco-German lens. The panel is moderated by Hélène Kohl (Journalist) and includes an introduction from Deputy Minister for European Affairs and Climate Anna Lührmann.

What is the future of European security policy?

In the final panel moderated by Nicoletta Pirozzi (Head of the Programme on the European Union, Instituto Affari Internazionali), Wolfgang Ischinger (Senior Professor, Hertie School), Serap Güler (Member of the Bundestag, Member of the Defence Committee), and Marie Mendras (Professor, Sciences Po) discuss the future of European security policy in light of recent developments surrounding the war in Ukraine, changing role of NATO and European strategic autonomy.


Pariser Platz Dialogue

Participants: Anne-Marie Descôtes, Philippe Martin, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, Sylvie Goulard, Franziska Brantner, Frédéric Petit, Sandra Weeser, Kassem Taher Saleh, Geneviève Pons, Jörg Kukies, Pascal Lamy, Christophe Arend, Daniela De Ridder, …

Public Event

Franco-German to-dos: What is the agenda for the post-election period?

In the public panel of Pariser Platz Dialogue 2021, Miguel Berger (State Secretary, Federal Foreign Office), Sophie Pornschlegel (Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Center), Cerstin Gammelin (Journalist, Süddeutsche Zeitung) and Hélène Kohl (French political journalist in Berlin) discuss the Franco-German and European dimensions of the decoupling from Russian oil and gas exports in the wake of the war in Ukraine. The panel is moderated by Heidi Bräuer (Jacques Delors Centre) and includes an introduction from State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection Franziska Brantner.


Research Meets Politics

Participants: Svenja Schulze, Prof. Maja Göpel, Sébastien Treyer, Enrico Letta, Hanna Gersmann, Aasako Okai, Prof. François Gemenne, Fabian Gacon, Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, Sima Kammourieh, Thierry Philipponnat, Sabine Mauderer, Laurence Parisot, Sebastian Mack, …

Public Event

Franco-German Dialogue: Climate change and security: A challenge for the United Nations

In the first public panel of Pariser Platz Dialogue 2021, François Gemenne (Sciences Po Paris), Asako Okai (UNDP, Crisis Bureau), Fabian Gacon (DBJR) and Audrey Mathieu (German Watch) discussed the way forward for the United Nations regarding the Climate crisis and its associated security challenges and in that where do the Franco-German relations stand and have a window of opportunity for action. The panel is moderated by Thomas Pellerin-Carlin (Institut Jacques Delors).

Shaping sustainable finance

In the first public panel of Pariser Platz Dialogue 2021, Laurence Parisot (Citi), Sima Kammourieh (E3G), Sabine Mauderer (Deutsche Bundesbank) and Thierry Philipponnat (Finance Watch) discussed the way Franco-German relations should be activated to anchor sustainability in the financial sector. The panel is moderated by Sebastian Mack (Jacques Delors Centre).


Franco-German Security Forum

Participants: Dr. Jana Puglierin, Dr. Bruno Tertrais, Sabine Thillaye, Wolfgang Hellmich, Dr. Nicole Koenig, Emmanuel Bonne, Niels Annen, Dr. Daniela de Ridder, Jean-Louis Bourlanges, …

Public Event

Franco-German Security Forum: Should the EU readjust its strategic compass?

In the public panel of the Franco-German Security Forum 2021, Dr. Bruno Tertrais (Deputy Director, Fondation pour la recherche stratégique), Dr. Jana Puglierin (Head of European Council on Foreign Relations Berlin), Sabine Thillaye (President of the European Affairs Committee, Assemblée Nationale, MoDem) and Wolfgang Hellmich (President of the Defense Committee, Member of the Bundestag, SPD) discuss the future of the European Strategic Compass. The panel is moderated by Dr. Nicole Koenig (Deputy Director, Jacques Delors Centre).


Pariser Platz Conference

Participants: Michael Roth, Pascal Lamy, Joachim Lang, Philippe Martin, Gaëtane Ricard-Nihoul, …

Public Event

France, Germany and the future of democracy in Europe

In the public event of the Pariser Platz Conference 2020, Christophe Arend (Co-President of the Franco-German Parliamentary Assembly, Member of the French National Assembly, LREM), Franziska Brantner (Member of the German Bundestag, Greens, spokeswoman for European policy), Ellen Ehni (TV chief editor of Westdeutscher Rundfunk, WDR) and Gaëtane Ricard-Nihoul (Deputy Head of the Citizens’ dialogues Unit in the European Commission) address the roles of France and Germany regarding the future of democracy in Europe and stress upcoming developments and envisioned further possibilities of cooperation. The panel is moderated by Thu Nguyen (Policy Fellow, Jacques Delors Centre).


Research Meets Politics

Participants: Clément Beaune, Anke Hassel, Franziska Brantner, Jean Pisani-Ferry, Wolfgang Schmidt, Sylvie Goulard, Lucas Guttenberg, Anne-Sylvaine Chassany, Daniel Benamouzig, Gisela Erler, Brigitte Klinkert, Patrizia Nanz, Andrea Römmele, Cornelia Woll, Michaela Wiegel, …

While European member states initial responses to the Corona crisis demonstrated a lack of exchange and solidarity, the Franco-German proposal for the economic recovery in Europe after the crisis marked a change of course. The exchange between politicians and academics at the conference “Rebuilding Europe after Corona: What can France and Germany do?” on the 26th June 2020 illustrated the importance of building bridges between research and decision-makers by showing which lessons and best practices can already be drawn from this crisis.